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Democracy VS Authoritarianism

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Democracy VS Authoritarianism, Perhaps An Umbrella Can Differentiate Them.

Democracy and authoritarianism, perhaps an umbrella can differentiate them

Chinese officials need beauty to carry umbrella, United States president carry umbrella himself

One majestic-looking, one very poor

One look down from a height, one courtesy

One order people disrespectfully, one cock one's ears to listen

Different scenes let people thinking over, but this is not the cultural differences


2003-01, US President George W. Bush hikes along a muddy trail on Prairie Chapel, his 1,600-acre ranch near Crawford, Texas.(left picture)

2013-10, Yuyao town,Zhejiang province, China,Urban Construction Office director Wang, inspecting flood, because the road was muddy, let the old Village Secretary to carry him into the victims house. (right picture)


2010-01, Nanning, Guangxi, China, a supermarket opening, mayor, deputy mayor and other leaders attended the opening ceremony. (left picture)

Right picture: What are they doing?


Obama speech VS China small officer speech


George W. Bush's umbrella VS Kim Jong II's umbrella


Who is more power and prestige?


Obama's walk VS Chinese small officer's walk


Women carry umbrella VS men carry umbrella


Queen VS Mistress


Save our children, too poor!


I want to attend China national meeting!


Monk VS Monkey, let you have a laugh

(Yuanying Industry Limited want to let you have a laugh and thought: are the same people, why such a big gap? Don't forget Yuanying Industry Limited provides molecular sieve, activated carbon, activated alumina, clay desiccant, insulating glass desiccant, carbon molecular sieve, tower packing, foamed ceramics and honeycomb ceramics)