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China one-child policy must go!

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Recently, Henan Xiping, a 33 years old woman committed suicide because her family cant pay the fine for their second child.

Actually they paid the fine over 10,000RMB, but they were notified that they must pay fine over 40,000RMB again. The couples quarreled and the woman committed suicide by a rope, left a 5 years old son and a 11 years old daughter.

Xiping country, one of top 100 countries in China, fiscal revenue only RMB200 millions, declined 20% comparing with the first half of last year. The government plans to impose RMB500 millions fine (government named social compensation fees) via the families who have extra kids. The Economic Observer

Not only above family faces this matter, but also all families who have extra kids after Jan. 01, 2000 in Xiping Country, they must pay the fine several ten thousands RMB.

Administrative Penalties Law has specific provision: For the same illegal act of the parties, shall not be given administrative penalty of fine for more than twice

Short before, Guangdong, Dongxing Country, a man rushed into the local family planning office killed two people and wounded 4 people

It is common that eight months pregnant was forced abortion.

In china, government revenue without supervision, ordinary people dont know how the money used for, this lead to widespread corruption.

There was a report declared social compensation fees were over RMB20 billion, but people dont know where this money go.

One-child policy was carried out in the 80s of last century, but now aging population is more and more serious. There are several millions families lost their only one child. Elsewhere a traditional preference for boys, combined with the one-child policy, has resulted in widespread abortions of baby girls, it leads to thirty million men more than women in China.


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