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Our company is about to launch container desiccants

User:admin AddDate:2015/5/28 Read:6177Times

Container desiccant adsorption capacity is powerful, can absorb 200% of its own weight of water. It is widely used not only for the sea, but also for air, rail and road transport. This product is suitable for the space which is relatively large.

In ocean shipping, the following products need to use container desiccants:

Canned food, cereal, flour, rice, tea, beans, herbs, coffee, mushrooms, paper products, wood products, leather products, metal products, electron, electrical, and so on

This product is generally used a hook hanging in the inner wall of the containers. Depending on the specific circumstances, hang a corresponding number of desiccants. Check the seals before use containers, after hanging them should promptly close the container, keep the container interior space is confined.

The products can be used different materials according to customers’ requirements, such as silica gel, montmorillonite, calcium chloride, lime, and so on.

Packing can be produced according to customers’ needs, OEM also OK.